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Find a local astronomy club and attend a meeting or star party. You are sure to find many people happy and willing to help get you started!



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The Graystar Observatory Website went online on 2/10/2008, however it is under major construction. Much of the content needs to be updated so forgive the mess until we're done!


One of the primary missions of Graystar is to share the wonders of the universe with family friends and neighbors. Too often we spend our days with our nose to the grindstone and never take the time to look up and contemplate our smallness and the greatness of our Creator. Graystar Observatory has already started fulfilling that mission and has hosted dozens of guests, many who have never looked through a telescope before. More to come...



Graystar's research objective has several aspects. First, the data gathered during the planning and construction will be used as a starting point to develop a proposal for a much larger public facility. This larger observatory will be a joint venture between our local astronomy club, several large universities, and a prominent national organization. Second, it will be a starting point for equipment reviews and articles that will be posted in another section of this site. Once the equipment is fully operational and time permitting, a research endeavor of scientific merit will commence, the details of which are still being finalized. Stay tuned....



Let's face it, there's no place like dome. I find myself out there even during cloudy nights as there is always something to putter around with. I also find it an especially interesting place to listen to music. The shape of the dome and the natural resonance of the equipment bay make for acoustical adventures that I never tire of. Actually, I'm out here right now editing this on the observatory computer. Yes, I've got it bad, but as my nephew aptly stated "Uncle Mike has the neatest clubhouse ever!" Who am I to argue?