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The Graystar Observatory Website went online on 2/10/2008, however it is under major construction. Much of the content needs to be updated so forgive the mess until we're done!

Owning a private observatory is a dream that many amateur and professional astronomers share. Having your equipment permanently set up, aligned and at thermal equilibrium allows the astronomer to observe almost instantly. Observing on a whim, taking quick peeks, midnight runs as well as spending more quality time at the eyepiece or imager all become possible. An observatory will significantly increase your viewing time since the setup and breakdown times can be as little as 5 minutes. It also makes t easier to share astronomy with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, people you don't know walking their dog minding their own business...but I digress. Graystar is a modest observatory but one that is nevertheless a dream come true for me. Through this web site I hope to share my experiences and hopefully inspire anyone who never considered building one or is daunted by the cost or work involved to get up, get going and start observing!


This site is under construction and will be updated and expanded over the next few months to include construction photos, image galleries, a space weather page, useful links to vendors and astronomy resources and hopefully an online observing log. Suggestions and comments are always welcome. Check back often!


- Michael Virsinger